Welcome to Great Works Painting Restoration. We specialize in the conservation and restoration of 18th - 20th century oil easel paintings and painted objects, offering the finest quality services to institutions, businesses and individuals throughout Maine, New Hampshire, and New England.

We take great pride in bringing over 25 years of experience to the care and preservation of works of fine art and decorative objects. We provide consultation services, comprehensive treatments, and complete documentation for each stage of every treatment in accordance with the Code of Ethics put forth by the American Institute for Conservation, and treat every piece with equal regard, be it a masterpiece or of sentimental value.

Our portfolios of past treatments can be accessed through each of the photo links below or from the Conservation Treatments page, and serve to provide examples and explanations of typical condition issues that any painting can face.

We are committed to helping you ensure the preservation of these works for the future.

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Preserving art throughout Maine, New Hampshire and Northern New England